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Entry #1

Inspiration? :)

2009-02-24 17:49:56 by AngelRIOT

I need some ideas XD but nothing has got me thinking tonight so im on running round the audioportal on trance and getting some ideas :)

Outta ere


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2009-02-24 18:22:36

Look I will give you my guide to get ideas...
Eat a waffle (idk why but it gets me fueled) or just something with syrup
Then I want you to grab the strangest thing you can find and stare at it for a while until an idea pops into your head... and once that happens build on it... IF this doesnt help then message me ill hook you up between me and my animator we chat every day about ideas and just randomly spout stuff out on Gmail Chat

AngelRIOT responds:

Thanks mate, Ill try that some time XD i love waffle's so yeah ^^